5. Is there anyone else in the area with the same well water issues as Love’s Point Parcels A & B ?


By every measure, the aquifer tapped by the Love’s Point wells is sourced, or shares the same source with nearby Thurston Lake. (LP water source)

There are two ranches located on the shore of Thurston Lake.


The Jorgenson’s reportedly use Thurston Lake water as is, and import their drinking water.

The Haldens have a sand filter treatment system.

thurston-treatment-equipThe Thurston Lake water is

  1. Ph adjusted with soda ash
  2. An alum based flocculant is added
  3. then water is run through a sand filter

This system requires frequent backflushing of the sand filter
in a kind of three steps forward, two steps back approach
that produces only 1 gallon per minute of final product water.

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