6. How much would it cost to create an automated system for treating LP Parcel B well water ?

Dunken pump provides us with an “preliminary” estimate for a treatment system to produce 5-7 gallons per minute by using a settling tank to drop out sediment before sand filtering.

Dunken’s recommended system might look something like this:

Not at all to scaledunken_config

See Dunken Pumps “itemized” estimate

With sales tax Dunken “preliminarily” estimating $31,000

The Dunken estimate  includes or does not include:

  • Slab only – no covering building/shed
  • Does not include electrical panels, outlets, wiring, installation.
  • Only one solution tank and dosing pump (The Halden system uses two solution tanks and two dosing pumps. A truely effective system might need three sets)
  • No mixing apparatus (mixing solution in the settling tank is recommended)
  • No accounting from calibration time (this can be significant as effective flocculation is a mixture of science and art).
  • Does not include well pump and motor, well piping or installation.
  • Does not include Ozone system for purification and final clarification polish.

A more comprehensive system might look like this:


A more complete Estimate of Cost Spread looks like this:


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