Love’s Point Water FAQ

Cliff Rediger is not an equity partner in the Love’s Point Properties.
Information provided on this web page is offered solely as a resource for anyone making cooperative decisions regarding the development & maintenance of Love’s Point Properties. Opinions implied or express on this web page are those of Cliff Rediger, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of any of the Love’s Point Properties equity partners.

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1. What are the Love’s Point water challenges?

2. Has the water available to the Love’s Point parcels been analyzed?

3. Have neighboring well and lake water systems been surveyed?

4. Might a new, perhaps deeper Love’s Point well access better quality water?

5. Is there anyone else in the area with the same well water issues as Love’s Point Parcels A & B ?

6. How much would it cost to create an automated system for treating LP Parcel B well water ?

7. Are there professional consultants available for developing and/or improving the Love’s Point water systems?

8. Are there other ways to clarify the Love’s Point well water?

9. Are there alternatives sources of water for the Love’s Point Parcels other than well or lake water?