4. Might a new, perhaps deeper Love’s Point well access better quality water?

Not likely, or at least not cost effectively.

The Love’s Point Parcels A & B sit at the end of a ridge called Leubow Point. The wells on these parcels were purposely dug to approximately Clear Lake level.

A neighbor on Leubow Point recently dug a well. His first attempt failed because the shaft kept collapsing. His second attempt tapped the same colloidal clay contaminated water as the Love’s Point wells.

All three wells are deeper than 600 feet.

While is it is possible that better water might be found below the aquifer that the three existing wells tap, the risk and cost would be daunting.

It would be possible to dig a well on one or more of the lower Love’s Point Parcels D, E or F. But, nearby existing well have their own issues, namely boron content.

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