The Love’s Point House is equipped with back-up Electric Power via

  • diesel GenSet
  • automatic transfer switch

These are designed to provide  uninterrupted power to the House during PG&E power failures. However, the automatic start up feature of the transfer switch is not presently working properly (Nov 2010), so during a power outage the generator would require manual start up.

The GenSet is not connected to the service buildings
or well water systems.

Short power failures are common during the year. In the last six years there has not been a failure longer than ~ 12 hours. During power outages the well pump and domestic water pressure pump must be connected to a portable, gasoline generator via a manual transfer switch.

genset-tankThe GenSet should be maintenance run for ~ 20 minutes each week. When the auto-transfer switch is working properly this weekly maintenance is run automatically, but presently it must be done manually.
This consumes a small amount of diesel fuel.
The GenSet is serviced annually
Real costs amortize to approximately $50 / month

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