Maintaining Love’s Point

These pages and posts contain information on maintenance and utility cost for the Love’s Point property.

I’ve attempted to provide reasonable estimates for total costs. Of course, rental agreements may divide up costs in various ways, so “your mileage may vary”.

Because the House and service buildings share meters and utility sources, it is not possible to determine separate costs for these “domains” of the property. However, based on Love’s Point House occupancy from July 2007 to July 2008, we have data for estimating the average monthly utility cost of maintaining the Love’s Point Main House as a (two person) full-time residence. Then by deduction we can estimate the average monthly utility cost of maintaining the Love’s Point service buildings as a (two caretaker) full-time residence. (Note: I’ve just become aware (Nov 2010) that it is possible to install a meter on the propane line branching to the House, so that propane consumption for the separate residential locations could be deduced. Cost ~ $200)

The total costs of maintaining the entire Love’s Point property include compensation for two full-time caretakers (room & utilities only, no salary or stipend). Thus, unless anyone renting the House assumes caretaker duties, the total maintenance costs (including caretaker compensation) would certainly represent full responsibility for the House and property.

Available data, estimates, and conclusions are posted on this blog site as a series of “Posts” (cataloged in the pre-dated Archive – January 2006).

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