7. Are there professional consultants available for developing and/or improving the Love’s Point water systems?


Water Systems Engineer
Tom Sawyer
707 546 7262

Tom is a freelance water system engineer
who comes highly recommended by Brock Dolman
of The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center Water Institute

Tom’s offers expertise in designing and implementing
development of integrated water & power systems.

When I spoke with Tom in September 2007 he expressed
disinterested in residential projects. But, real money and
commitment would likely pique his interest

Dunken Pump
Lakeport, CA
(707) 263-4486

Dunken Pump maintains the only equipment in Lake County
capable of serving a 600-700 foot well. They offer comprehensive
pump and water treatment systems services.

Dungeness Development Associates, Inc.
John Macpherson

Specializing in construction run-off water treatment.
Dungeness offers expertise probably more suited to the Love’s
Point special water clarification needs than conventional water
purification companies (for example, Culligan could not help us).

Dungeness supplies a chitosan flocculant product.

Vanson – HaloSource. Inc
Frank Knieb
602 334 3474

Vanson supplies chitosan flocculant and offers
system design assistance. They recently provided
a dose analysis from a sample of the Love’s Point water.
See there report here.

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