Water: Processing for Domestic Use

Love’s Point domestic water is processed in two phases:

1. Clarification
2. Purification


Sediment suspended in the Love’s Point
well water is too finely grained to be
effectively filtered.

It must be clarified by mixing the water
with a flocculant, i.e. an polymer additive
that attracts small particles into larger “clumps”
that can be then effectively filtered or gravity settled.

The Love’s Point well water is primitively processed by:
1. manually activating transfer pumping from
well to treatment tank
2. manually dosing with a non-toxic flocculant
derived from crustacean shells.
3. manually activating several mixing processes
4. manually activating transfer of clarified water
to the purification/storage tank.

• Required frequency of the process
depends entirely on water usage
which can vary widely
from user to user and from season to season.
Storage tank levels must be monitored regularly
(even daily) until a pattern is noticed.
Historically, with four light users,
processing was required every 4-6 days.
With two light users, every 8-12 days.

Schematic of Clarification Proccessing Equipment


Sample Log of Clarifying Process



  • Clarified water is pumped into a 2,500 gallon storage tank where it is Ozone treated using a O3 bubbler.
  • This Ozone treatement also “polishes” the clarifiction process.

Before & After

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